VAT Bridging

No time to wait for your VAT refund?

Matriarch Capital’s new product, the VAT bridging or advance service will solve one of many problems businesses face today, a lack of working capital. This can be especially problematic for small business owners that have an unexpected expense come up with significant tax payment attached to it.

Matriarch Capital’s unique form of VAT bridging is a quick solution to your financial problems, you can access your VAT refund within 72 hours rather than months. At Matriarch Capital, we finance your VAT refund in an advance processed within 72-hours and fund 80% of the refund upfront.

Strait Forward Application Process


Submit your application pack with all supporting documents


Our diligent Team reviews the application and verifies the PO and suppliers


The application then goes to our credit committee for approval.


Once the facility is approved your facility will be paid out.

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